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About the band

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Germany based Metalcore quartet Traveller presents a never-seen modern blend of heavy music, cinematic ambiences and distinct hooks. Emotional exploding lyrics and a matchless guitar work are materialized by the four talented musicians into a musical journey through stories, that life has written. Since the start of the band back in 2016, Traveller connects people from all over the world as a companion through times of pain and grief and stands up against the leaving of this young generation. The band created it’s own musical identity and brought progressive metal subgenres together with melodic hardcore influences to the German Metalcore scene. Fans of Traveller entitle it “Ambient Core” and the band shares it’s musical range along other artists like Currents, Invent Animate or Erra. Traveller developed an incomparable artistic maturity and breathes new life into the genre. The songs focus on different stories that almost every human being has in common and the band depicts them in a poetical way that describe what the band and it’s name are standing for: the journey is the reward.


Jens Böthin [VOCALS]

Jens Cedric Pieper [GUITAR]

Nico Schwanitz [BASS]

Bertrand Rothen [DRUMS]

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photo credits: Lukas Baumann

Traveller was direct support for Crystal Lake, Adept, Landmvrks, Evergreen Terrace, Loathe, Our Hollow Our Home, Bleed from Within

Traveller went on tour in 2019 together with Awake The Dreamer and Elyne. They played shows in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

More press information in the Traveller EPK

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